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Operations Consulting Strategy

Executing a business idea assumes significance only when robust operational strategies are implemented strengthening the internal process or operations bringing efficiency and profitability as the goals.  

Operational Strategy

  • An organization’s production system dictates resource transformation, encompassing workflows, quality benchmarks, and supply chain strategies.
  • A company’s operations hinge on facility size and number, each requiring clear goals, safety procedures, and inventory management.
  • Quality management is crucial in operations strategy. Businesses analyze product lifecycles to predict trends, adjust offerings, and allocate resources for development.
  • Operations strategy now hinges on tech advancements: machine learning, automated production, real-time metrics, and market forecasting tools
  • A holistic operations strategy considers all resources at an organization’s disposal, such as location, machinery, and human resources.

Types of Operational Strategies

Companies utilize various operational strategies tailored to meet their specific market requirements.

Core competency operations strategies center on the primary strengths inherent in a company’s business model. By identifying the most effective core business processes within an organization, these strategies aim to harness existing strengths for the purpose of maximizing profitability.

This category of operations strategy adheres to a company’s mission statement and aligns itself with a broader corporate strategy. Businesses employing this approach develop production initiatives, key performance indicators (KPIs), and decision-making processes based on an overarching strategic plan established by company leaders and stakeholders.

Companies employing this strategy tailor their operations processes to differentiate their product or service from competitors. By identifying competitive priorities within a specific economy, businesses can adjust their operations strategy to gain a competitive advantage, whether through a higher-quality product or a quicker lead time in production.

This operations strategy focuses on the quality control of existing products or services, as well as the development of new offerings. Businesses adopting this model often shape their operations strategies based on research and ideas from product managers.

Organizations employing customer-driven strategies make operations decisions based on the customer experience. This type of operations strategy aligns with sales and marketing strategies to effectively manage and fulfill customer expectations.

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MSMEs play a significant role in the Indian economy, contributing substantially to Gross Domestic Product (GDP), exports, and the generation of employment.


Strategic management entails decisions on organization direction, market selection, resource allocation, diversification, and long-term goals through alliances.

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  3. Ealkay plays a pivotal role in streamlining processes, actively eliminating inefficiencies, cutting costs, and boosting overall productivity for its clients.

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