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Incorporation of Company

We Provide assistance in Incorporating your business  by  navigating
rough the complex legal requirements and formalities involved.

Which nature of business is suitable for you

Choosing the appropriate business structure is very crucial for entrepreneurs who want to establish a new business, as it can provide many benefits such as limited liability protection, tax advantages, and raising capital through the sale of stocks or bonds. An expert legal advisor like Ealkay guide entrepreneur in choosing the appropriate legal structure for the business, such as a private limited company, limited liability Partnership (LLP), or partnership, based on the company’s size, industry, and goals. 

Company Incorporation Services or Private Limited Company Incorporation

A private limited company is a popular form of business entity for entrepreneurs and businesses in India. A private limited company offer many benefits, including limited liability protection, separate legal entity status, perpetual succession, tax advantages, and ease of raising capital. However, it is important to consult with a legal and financial advisor to determine if a private limited company is the right choice for your business based on your specific needs and circumstances. 

Ealkay has a team of legal advisors and professionals who have in-depth experience in corporate incorporation services and are dedicated to helping entrepreneurs/businesses establish and grow their companies.

Our services are designed to make the process of forming and maintaining a company as smooth and hassle-free as possible. Some of the key services we offer include 

Our team of legal advisors are well versed with the Companies Act 2013, and other applicable laws , and regulatory compliances, ensuring that your company is in good hands. 

LLP Incorporation Services

A Limited Liability Partnership (LLP) is another popular form of business or legal structure in India that combines the benefits of a partnership and a company. It offers limited liability protection to its partners and allows them to manage the business together. 

LLP incorporation services in India are particularly useful for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) that may not have the expertise or resources to manage the legal and regulatory requirements of starting and operating a business. By outsourcing these services to professionals, SMEs can focus on their core business activities and growth strategies. 

We at Ealkay provide valuable guidance or advice to entrepreneurs in incorporation of an LLP and assist complex legal and regulatory requirements to comply with the applicable laws. With Ealkay support, businesses can establish and manage an LLP in India with ease and confidence.